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The University of Toronto Students' Union: Immediately Remove All Videos Condemning Sana Ali from YouTube

Sana Ali is a well-respected member of the University of Toronto. She is involved in a number of extra-curricular pursuits and is an admired student leader. Her 'Open Letter' to the University of Toronto Students' Union served as an eye-opening critique of the UTSU's conformist policies from the perspective of someone on the inside. As a result of her exposé, she is being personally and maliciously targeted by the current UTSU executive in a response video which has garnered notable opposition and critique.

A student leader at our university should not have to be worried that her name has been publicly slandered on YouTube when she applies for employment or graduate school opportunities. She should not feel that her otherwise remarkable resume is tarnished by the attacks on her character that are presented in the UTSU's response videos. The University of Toronto Students' Union executives are implored by all signatories of this petition to immediately remove all videos condemning Sana Ali from YouTube.

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