Close the University of Toronto Campus' and switch to Web-Option

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Currently the coronavirus is spreading at a monumental rate, with an exponential growth rate averaged at 1.2%. This is extremely dangerous to students such as my self who live with elderly grandparent's who are at risk of death if exposed. 

US scientists have confirmed that "the new coronavirus can live in the air for several hours and on some surfaces for as long as two to three days.

We the students at the University of Toronto call on the registrars office and the Vice-Provost to please close the campus' before one of our family members die due to something that could be prevented with practiced isolation. We know that professors are already making plans to host virtual classes per emails already sent out. This is in line with other universities such as Laurentian and Western that have made the bold but smart move to have classes held at home until the coronavirus has receded in danger.

The current policy in place allows students to self administer a sick note, but this does nothing to combat the asymptomatic students. With an incubation period between 2 and 14 days, this system will not prevent students from being exposed to the virus unknowningly and transmitting it to other students.

Please do the right thing, before one of our vulnerable family members gets hurt or worse.