Have a Fall Break at The University of Texas at Austin

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The University of Texas should implement a fall break. This could be achieved by extending Thanksgiving break to include having Monday and Tuesday off, or a week off in the beginning of October. 

Many of the students at UT are from out of the state of Texas. UT also has a large group of international students. Depending on where you're from, traveling on Thanksgiving break can take time away from being able to see relatives. A lot of students decide not to go home because they only see there family for a small period of time, making the first time they visit home winter break. A lot of teachers cancel class on Monday and Tuesday, but if one teacher doesn't cancel, then students still have to stay, delaying their time spent with relatives. 

If UT used Thanksgiving break as a fall break by adding Monday and Tuesday to our days off, students from farther places would have a better chance of being able to go home, allowing them to spend more time with their families in the process.