Find a Better Solution for Parking at The University of Texas at Austin

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Parking on UT's campus has always been a frustrating thing to do.  Outside of the simple fact that the university only provides parking for 23% of the UT population, the university has established a double booking strategy for spaces on campus that are already overpriced.  The average student parking garage spot on campus costs $280-$796 annually depending on whether the student lives on or off campus and the location of the garage.  As compared to other universities, these prices are obscene.

According to an annual report (which can no longer be found via a link on The Daily Texan) in 2011-2012, the University brought in $16-$17 million in parking revenue.  Because of these abhorrent parking rates and inconvenient relocation requirements, we propose that the University invest more time and money into finding a new solution to these problems, which could include - but are not limited to - new parking garages, lowering of parking rates, and/or refunding money to those who agree to relocate on certain event days.  

Most students agree to pay these elevated rates for the convenience that their parking spots provide.  However, with limited spaces and a poor relocation policy for events on campus, this convenience is hindered and prices should be adjusted accordingly.