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Eliminate the sale of bottled water on campus.

Many universities and communities across Canada and the United States are fighting to decrease our dependence on bottled water by removing it from their campuses, public offices, and even cities. There are many drawbacks associated with the distribution and sale of one-time-use bottled water (summarized below). We want to see our university move towards a more sustainable approach to water consumption by eliminating the sale of bottled water on campus.

Many groups across campus are making it easier to avoid relying on bottled water. For example, the University of Saskatchewan’s Office of Sustainability recently installed new water fountains across campus, designed for filling reusable water bottles. During Sustainability Week 2013, we set up an educational and interactive display highlighting the benefits of tap water over bottled water. The positive response we received at this booth has encouraged us to move forward with the Better than Bottled campaign (

Please sign our petition and help the University of Sakatchewan move towards eliminating the sale of bottled water on campus!


School of Environment and Sustainability Students' Association

Students of the Global Institute for Water Security




Plastic bottle production uses large amounts of petroleum.

Transportation of bottled water to the consumer requires substantial energy and is associated with greenhouse gas emissions.

An estimated 80% of plastic water bottles are not recycled and typically take 400 – 1000 years to naturally break down. During this time, the bottles sit in landfills putting pressure on our waste disposal facilities, or become litter that can enter the food chain with negative impacts to animals that ingest it.


Bottled water production involves the depletion of water from the source area, often impeding local people’s access to drinking water. In comparison, tap water is a local commodity from your own area.


Bottled water is sold for approximately 1000 times the cost of tap water.

The bottled water industry represents a privatization of water resources, which undermines our existing public system and limits the provision of clean and accessible drinking water for all.


The higher cost of bottled water does not ensure the consumer receives a higher quality of drinking water, compared to tap water because bottled water and tap water are controlled by different regulatory bodies.

Bottled water is typically just municipal (tap) water that goes through an additional treatment process (e.g. distillation, deionization, reverse osmosis).



Ban the Bottle

Federal-Provincial-Territorial Committee on Drinking Water

Water Security Agency Annual Drinking Water Report

City of Saskatoon Water Treatment

Health Canada (Bottle Water Regulations)


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