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Professor Landsburg is teaching young men that rape is ok as long as the victim is unconscious. He believes that there is nothing sacred about the boundaries of a person's body. In a university setting, where up to one in four women are victims of a completed or attempted rape, his perverted ideas are dangerous and give comfort to students who have not been taught respect for others' bodies.


Contrary to his narrow-minded opinion, rape is a violation and a violent crime. That the victim may have been unconscious will be of little comfort to her, especially when she is confronted with video evidence of herself being violated, when she has to face her classmates knowing they have all seen her be violated on video, when she has to face her attacker on campus, when she is treated for an STD that resulted from the rape, when she finds herself pregnant as a result of the rape, when she confronts ignorant people who try to downplay and belittle her experience, and when she goes to sleep at night not believing that she will be safe.


Professor Landburg should be educated on the devastating effects of rape and of rape culture so he can work to make the University of Rochester, and all universities, a safer place for students.

Letter to
University of Rochester Bill Murphy, Vice President of Communications
Professor Landsburg's ignorant comments expressing his belief that rape is benign as long as the victim is unconscious make the university unsafe for its students. Up to one in four female college students will be the victim of a rape or attempted rape while studying. To make the university safe, Professor Landsburg must be educated on the effects of rape and rape culture and be reminded not to encourage crime by recasting it as benefit an unconscious woman gives to an attacker and sanctioned as you see fit.

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