Prevent UQ from tracking students with 3rd-party software in exams

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On 17/04/2020, the following statement was made by the UQ Union:

The University of Queensland Union is disturbed to learn that the University will be requiring students to install third-party surveillance software ahead of their upcoming online exams. Some students have received notification from their schools that they will be required to use ‘ProctorU’ software on their personal computers in order to comply with social-distancing requirements and complete their exams at home.
Students using this software will be required to provide photographic identification on camera, which will scan and store their biometric data for authentication purposes. ProctorU will then continue to monitor the student’s camera, microphone, screen and keystrokes. According to their privacy policy, this data will be retained and stored by the company, and in the event of ‘bankruptcy, merger, acquisition, reorganisation or sale of assets, your information may be sold or transferred as part of that transaction.’

We believe that students’ privacy is of the utmost importance and that protecting this privacy should be the University’s first priority in administering online examinations. Students who signed up to this semester were never given the opportunity to consent to the collection of such personal data by a third party, and can no longer opt out without financial penalty.

We understand that these are unprecedented and difficult times, and that academic integrity is an important concern for both the University and UQU. However, filming students in their homes and allowing third party corporations to store and commodify their personal data crosses the line. UQU calls on the University to cease this practice immediately and provide a secure and accessible means for students to complete their exams.

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Sign this petition to show UQ that keylogging and biometric fingerprinting by 3rd party companies is a violation of student privacy and will not be tolerated by students.

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