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Is Journalists Provoking sexism and attack right?

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Want Answers on Following things,
1. 1/ Hope Hicks has been treated with kid gloves by the media/Congress since Day 1. The only other people with such regular access to the president during the period he's alleged to have had clandestine Trump-Russia ties are Ivanka Trump and Kellyanne Conway. You may see a pattern. Link

2. 11/ Hicks—unqualified for her job when hired and unqualified for her current (promoted) position—has one qualification besides (it's reported) Trump likes looking at her: absolute loyalty and discretion. She avoids the limelight and can keep a secret. That's why Trump let her in. Link

3. 15/ In fact, Ivanka, Hicks, and perhaps even Conway should be among the most important witnesses in Mueller's probe—as they had better access to Trump than almost any of the dozens of male witnesses in the case. Why are they being treated as insignificant? I don't know. Misogyny? Link

4. CONCLUSION/ One day, the media and Congress will stop treating Ivanka, Hicks and Conway with sexist kid gloves and start treating them like the key witnesses—and as to the first two, likely co-conspirators—they are. Until then, we'll have today's little "limited-purpose" charade. Link

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