The University of New Brunswick Must Lower Tuition Fees

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4300 supporters! We are truly grateful that our community feels so strongly about this issue. Within the coming weeks, our president Sean MacKenzie will be meeting once again with administration to discuss the issues outlined in this petition. He will also be going through the comments left with the signatures to review the biggest concerns of our community in regards to these decisions, and will address them during his meetings. We appreciate each and every signature, and look forward to updating you as we hear more.

It has also been brought to our attention by the Brunswickan that in our paragraph about fees, there has been some miscommunication that may lead readers to believe we were calling for the university to defund ourselves, the Brunswickan, and the CHSR. That is not our intention at all, and we have rewritten the paragraph below:

"In addition to tuition, all students pay fees to the university.  Typically, students’ fee statements include items such as our Student Union fee, the CHSR fee, and the Brunswickan fee. All of these services can be fully transitioned to benefit students wherever they are, however, there are also university implemented “Mandatory Fees” which will not benefit all of our students this semester. These university implemented mandatory fees are not described to students in their fee statements but can be found online in more depth here. We strongly encourage administration to review the necessity of some of these mandatory fees, keeping in mind that a vast majority of students will not be on campus to benefit from fees such as the facilities access fee, the technology fee, and many program fees as listed in the link above."

UNB Student Union Communications
1 year ago