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Petitioning Chancellor Martin Meehan and 2 others

Lower the parking decal rates back to a more reasonable price


This is important because for many students who work to put themselves through college can not afford $350. In some cases that may be an entire pay check. In addition as The University of Massachusetts Lowell adds more housing for students they would expect more revenue from parking anyway. In the last 4 years the cost of parking has more than doubled. It is ridiculous how students are now expected to pay more for everything: books, tuition, fees, housing, and now parking. Seriously, when is this going to end. I hope UMass Lowell knows that someday we as students would like to be out of debt, and they are not helping.

Letter to
Chancellor Martin Meehan
Provost Ahmed Abdelal
Office of the Dean of Students Division of Student Affairs
In the last six years, the price for parking has more than doubled for residents, and more than tripled for commuters. This is just one more rising cost to attend this University that the student body has to face. Tuition, fees, and housing costs have also added to our financial strains as college students. Additional housing has been added to campus, and this is great for the growth of the University, however, with this increase comes a higher demand for actual parking spaces. Asking for $350 dollars for either a resident or a commuter decal is unfair because there is never a guarantee that there will be a space for your vehicle. If you are one of the many unlucky students who cannot find a parking spot remotely near campus, you have to take a shuttle from the parking lot just to get to class.
Students who are paying for their own education are under a lot of pressure to come up with money to pay for all the costs associated with it. For some, $350 might be an entire week’s paycheck during the school year. This money could be spent on other expenses such as books, food, or other school supplies.
Other schools in the UMass System which are in similar geographical areas (Amherst, Dartmouth, and Worcester) are not charging such an exorbitant amount for parking. Most of Amherst’s parking lots only saw a $5 increase to this upcoming year’s fee. Dartmouth charges $255 for residents for a year, and $180 per year for commuters. Worcester’s UMass Medical campus charges $208 per year for parking passes for students. Charging $350 for a parking space for students is an exaggeration of worth.
I would like to draw some attention to reactions from students at UMass Lowell.
“This is terrible. Its even worse that that 350 doesn't even allow you to park anywhere on campus! Get it together UML this is getting bad.” - Justin M., Criminal Justice, Class of 2014
“I pay to put myself through school, to pay 350 on top of probably another 750-800 for books for the semester is not going to be possible...” - Tiana P.C., Psychology, Class of 2014
UMass Lowell is supposed to support its students into becoming the leaders of tomorrow by fostering an environment conducive to learning inside and outside the classroom, not make it more of a challenge to learn. For these reasons we would like for the price for parking to be lowered to a more reasonable amount.
Thank you for your consideration.