Save our Spanish Department at The University of Manchester

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The time has come to say 'no' once more to the abhorrent dumping of Languages Staff at The University of Manchester.

Languages staff have been informed that one of the new members of teaching staff in the Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies department will lose their job in the next academic year, taking the total number of teaching staff of Spanish to 7 in one of the largest department for languages in UK Higher Education. 

Already have we seen a detrimental effect of these cuts in other departments of the University. Modules in other languages have already been cut - limiting choice and forcing students to take modules from other levels (i.e. Modern French Poetry Level 3 being offered to Level 2 students to fill in for a lack of choice in Level 2 this year) as well as staff being stretched to breaking point with unsustainable workloads. 

In a University that claims that student well being and experience is a priority, why is our education (the core part of University) being swept out from underneath us? No longer can this University rest upon it's reputation to hide the truth about the quickly diminishing quality of teaching. Language teaching requires time and effort with every student, something which cannot be done in what will be a workload beyond that ever seen before in this department. 

Many times before has this story been played out; in state schools, in other universities. We know the outcome. We know that less staff leads to lower quality teaching, but still this University continues to ignore its own students...its own customers, in favour of overspending on parks and extensions to buildings where soon there will be nobody to teach in them.  

The University insists on playing god with its staff's lives and once again it is up to us, the students and the public to save these jobs, protect our education and to protect the livelihoods of the talented people facing these cuts. These are not just teachers; they are mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and most importantly friends, to us all, who would do anything to help us achieve our goals.

The University is taking these incredible people for granted and it's time to act on their behalf. 

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