Request to change the MSc dissertation submission method in the Business School

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We, the Masters Students at the Leeds University Business School are paying high fees ranging from £13000-24000, depending on our programme of study and we do not feel it is fair for us to have to pay to bind our dissertations if we are also required to submit our dissertations electronically. Binding a dissertation would cost approximately £20 in the best case scenario since we are expected to produce 2 copies (one per marker) and if we are expected to keep a copy for ourselves, this would increase our costs. In addition, costs could be significantly higher depending on when we have our dissertation bound by the Print and Copy Bureau and whether we also have our dissertation printed by them or by ourselves. This is on top of the fact that we are expected to pay for printing credits and that we have already incurred big hidden costs during the course of this programme, such as £66 for the Economics for Business book that MSc International Business students were told they are required to buy. Consequently, we believe that if you were able to afford iPads for all Masters students in the business school and if you are adamant on carrying on the tradition of binding dissertations, then you should also pay towards the cost of binding for us. Your logic behind providing us with iPads was to provide us with the materials to access online learning as it was a necessity. We believe the same logic of accessibility can be applied to paper submissions for dissertations. Furthermore, since we were not funded for the ball and were told that funding of any sort would need an educational basis, should you still consider paper submissions for dissertations a necessity, you should put those unused funds towards the printing and binding of our dissertations.

In addition, not only is a paper submission costly, it is also inconvenient because we will be required to finalise our dissertation 2-3 days before the official deadline to ensure it is printed and bound on time and therefore submitted on time. Those who are embarking on the Masters Beyond Borders programme on the MSc International Business course will already be required to submit their dissertation weeks earlier than the deadline and this method of submission will further shorten the deadline for them. If you were to eradicate paper submissions, these students would be able to submit their dissertation by the due date instead of weeks earlier. This may also help to increase the quality of their work as they would not be rushed to submit their dissertation earlier as a consequence of moving countries. Furthermore, a lot of accommodation contracts end during July/August and therefore, many students are forced to relocate elsewhere. Trying to find accommodation in Leeds for such a short period is expensive, therefore, many students may deem it more economical to go back to their home country and submit their dissertation from abroad. However, a paper submission will prevent this. Instead, a paper submission will contribute to the financial and emotional difficulty that students will face if they are forced to find short-term and therefore, costly accommodation in Leeds, all because they must abide by the outdated submission method rules set by the Leeds University Business School.

In light of all that we have mentioned, we would really like for the Leeds Universty Business School to reconsider the method of submission for the dissertation. We know that to print and bind and submit a dissertation in person has long been a tradition in the Leeds University Business School but given the fact that we have studied modules on the benefits of technology and the benefits of sustainability, it would be a shame for us all to not practice what you have taught us. Therefore, we collectively believe it is time for the Leeds University Business School to embrace this change in submission method and allow us to have paperless submissions for our dissertation.

Best wishes,

MSc Business School students