No Anti-Choice Advocacy at the University of Glasgow

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In light of the Student Representative Council (SRC) affiliating with the anti-choice society “Glasgow Students for Life” (GSL) – following the threat of legal action by the latter named party owing to an earlier decision to refuse affiliation – we are concerned for the safety of students and staff at the University of Glasgow.

Whether someone chooses to have an abortion or not, they should be afforded the same level of respect in either scenario. Nevertheless, those who seek abortion continue to experience an unparalleled level of stigmatisation. Facets of the anti-choice movement actively contribute to this dangerous stigma in an inherently disrespectful, ignorant and oppressive manner by endeavouring to force others down one particular path. By seeking to limit or restrict access to reliable resources for abortions, they endanger the wellbeing of others and utilise practices of manipulation and gas lighting to deny others access to safe abortion without judgement under medical supervision.

We support GU Amnesty International's statement published last December as a response to GSL's threats of a lawsuit, which states that: "being able to access safe, legal healthcare, including abortion services, is a human right. Under international human right law, everyone has a right to life, a right to health, and a right to be free from violence, discrimination or cruel, inhuman and degrading violence. Denying someone the right to make decisions about their own body is a violation of their human rights, including the rights to privacy and bodily autonomy."

The right to access free, safe and legal abortions is accepted in Scotland. We respect the wellbeing of staff and students. We demand that the University of Glasgow supports access to abortions and provide better mental health services for those seeking advice about abortions without stigma.