Reduce UFV fall 2020 tuition fees

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We are in a situation of social distancing due to Covid-19. This has cause many problems for students as they are facing several changes in their study environment. Due to this pandemic, students are forced to study online which may not be a cup of tea for every student and can cause effect on one's academic performance. At this time, as the students are not getting the type of study they need to through traditional mode of education, but they are still paying the same amount of fees as they used to pay in past. As we are already suffering a lot, let it be physically, mentally or financial, colleges or universities should support in these tough times but they are just looking for their benefit and charging huge amount of fees.

At UFV, there is a flat fees of approx $9000 for up to 5 courses for every semester, but this fall 2020, they are charging a flat fees of $7560 for 12 credits plus $630 per extra credit. This fees is going to be very high for students who are going to take 5 courses. Thus, an action has to be taken to promote fairness and keeping in mind, the on-going pandemic.

I am a 4th semester student at UFV and going to finish my studies in this coming fall 2020 semester. I wish to take 5 courses and get it done. I do have a good academic standing but due to this new fees structure which is going to be approx 12,000 for me. I am very tensed how would I make it. We need to bring a change and make education more of education and less of business.