Urge UF to immediately cease exploiting prison slave labor

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On June 18th, President Fuchs announced that "there are agriculture operations where UF has relied on prison and jail inmates to provide farm labor. The symbolism of inmate labor is incompatible with our university and its principles and therefore this practice will end." What the president did not say in this statement is that the university has only committed to cease exploiting prison slavery by July 1st, 2021--join the Coalition to Abolish Prison Slavery (CAPS) in letting UF know that we are not okay with them continuing this brutal practice for one more day, let alone one more year. UF currently has five active contracts with prisons via the FDOC, and under these contracts incarcerated folks are working without choice and without pay, with the university benefiting from this violence. From 2015 to May 2019, the university exploited at least 150,000 hours of prison slave labor.  Linked here you may read our initial statement to the university, co-signed by the 28 student and community organizations that make up CAPS.

CAPS demands the following from UF administration:

  • The immediate cessation of the known five active contracts and any others that are currently active.
  • The prompt release of a public, written statement on the same page where President Fuchs released his June 18th statement, wherein the university acknowledges and apologizes for their exploitation of this immoral practice in the past, details the extent to which they used prison slavery (e.g. hours of labor and money invested), and commits to never again using prison labor of any kind in the future.
  • Publicly commit to not renew contracts or open any new contracts with any companies, contractors, etc. that use prison slave labor or otherwise profit from the prison-industrial complex. This notably includes Aramark, who has made immense profits from the prison-industrial complex and also has reportedly exploited student laborers on your own campus.

To support CAPS beyond the signing and sharing of this petition, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and contact us at caps.uf@gmail.com if you would like to join in our upcoming direct actions.