Students Should Receive Basic Healthcare from Edinburgh University

Students Should Receive Basic Healthcare from Edinburgh University

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Started by Honor Crean

Dear Peter,

We’ve become well acquainted over the years I have been enrolled here. I have been severely disappointed with this university in light of recent events.

It has come to my attention that this university does not have have the capacity to register all the students at the University GP. Moreover, worse than that, the local GPs don’t have space either because of the huge influx of students.

Furthermore, specifically in my local catchment area in Marchmont (EH9) there are not enough spaces at local GPs… most of the receptionists I have spoken to have said that students are being hit worst by this because GPs can’t deal with the huge influx this year.

Not only have you not provided enough funding to deal with the massive mental health crises at this university, but you have not even provided students with basic health care.

Now you may argue that the contract between the University of Edinburgh does not guarantee any form of healthcare to its students. However, according to section 15.4 the university states that it 'will take reasonable and proportionate steps to minimise any adverse impact on’ the student in times of crisis such as 'pandemics, epidemics or disruption resulting from pandemics or epidemics...’ (

Providing basic healthcare to students would seem to be a proportional and reasonable step considering the effects of Covid-19 on student welfare.

There’s a pandemic on and you haven’t even got enough doctors to deal with the ten of thousands of students that go to this university.

How do you intended to deal with this crisis?

Yours Sincerely,

Honor Crean

51 have signed. Let’s get to 100!