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No more final exams before 10:00 AM at UBC!

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Finals are already dreadful as it is. We don't need to make them worse. The data clearly shows that students all around the world are sleep deprived and struggling with mental health - and as much as UBC tries to help this cause on some fronts, it fails us miserably in areas like this one. How does a university justify scheduling final exams as early as 8:30 AM, sometimes even the day after another exam?

This just forces students to inevitably pull all-nighters, use and abuse unhealthy substances (coffee, cigarettes, sometimes "smart drugs", and more) which we all know have an extremely negative impact on their well-being. Not only does this result in sleep deprived students but it actually significantly reduces the already very limited value of final exams in assessing a student's performance in their course.  

We expect UBC to be looking out for its students' best interests. It is time to make our voices heard and see what UBC has to say. 

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