Increase security at UBC parkades - add more cameras, lights, and security patrol

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On Tuesday September 17th, I was approached by two men with a gun and had my car stolen from me. Surprisingly, this incident occurred at West Parkade on UBC campus after 6 pm. As a second-year UBC student, I had always found campus to be fairly safe. Within seconds, my sense of security was shattered. However, the carjacking could have been prevented- had there been a higher level of security. Thus, I urge UBC to take action and implement changes to increase security in all their parkades so this NEVER happens again. There needs to be surveillance cameras on each level, not just the exit/entrance. There needs to be more lights- those parkades are always so dark, especially during the winter months. There needs to be regular security checks, specifically UBC Security should start doing foot patrols/car patrols EVERYDAY. A higher-level of security means a lesser chance of such a traumatizing incident re-occurring and affecting any other student, faculty/staff member, or community member. I would not want anyone to feel as unsafe as I have felt this past week- and will continue to feel for a period of time.