Demand that UoB acknowledge and apologise for its' role in conversion therapy

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In a BBC Article posted on 15/12/2020, Ben Hute spoke to a survivor of gay 'conversion therapy' who in the 1970s had been referred to a clinical psychologist at the University of Birmingham for electric shock therapy. It has since come to light that even more victims have come forward as a result of the article being posted. 

You can read the full article here

The University later responded to the article and instead of apologising or recognising their potential role in the "therapy" said this: 

"While we are unable to find any evidence that this was a University sanctioned research project, we are aware that during the late 1960s/70s there may have been some isolated activity of this nature"

As members of the University of Birmingham community, we ask that the University provide the meaningful apology the victim has requested (and any others that come forward) in the hope of obtaining closure from the distress and pain caused by the “therapy” he received. Along with a recognition of the role the University has played in enabling homophobia.

The University must end its state of denial and apologise fully for the part it played in this damaging part of our history.

The University has already damaged its reputation as an LGBTQ+ friendly organisation, with the opening and sustaining of the Dubai Campus in a country where homosexuality is punishable by death. It cannot therefore afford to wait any longer in rectifying this wrong