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Scott Scarborough must resign or be removed as President of The University of Akron.

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This petition demands that Scott Scarborough resign his position as President of The University of Akron or that the Board of Trustees remove him from his position.

University of Akron President Scott Scarborough has repeatedly made major decisions that have violated the trust of the university’s major stakeholders: students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members.  In his brief tenure, President Scarborough and his administration have enriched themselves while devaluing the quality of education and undermining the ability of faculty and staff to fulfill their missions. His disruptive leadership has severely damaged the university’s reputation at both the local and national levels. For the good of the entire university community, President Scarborough must be replaced by someone who will genuinely work with UA’s students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the Akron community. 

President Scarborough has:

·Misled the public regarding the university’s financial situation.

·Alienated key donors from the Akron community, resulting in a 42% decrease in donations.

·Cut more than 200 positions while ensuring that his friends are placed in leadership positions with significantly higher compensation than that of their predecessors.

·Made it more difficult for students to get the classes they need to graduate.

·Allowed tenured faculty positions to go unfilled while continuing to hire part-time faculty at poverty wages with no benefits.

·Failed to honor the key concept of shared governance with faculty and students in administrative decision making.

·Deceitfully attempted to increase tuition to juniors and seniors last summer—in violation of a statewide freeze--by describing the increase as 'fees.'

·Made cuts to the Office of Multicultural Development and the Career Center that weaken the university’s ability to recruit and ensure the success of a diverse student population.

·Crippled E.J. Thomas Performance Hall by firing its entire staff and almost eliminating its budget.

·Launched an unpopular re-branding campaign (Ohio’s Polytechnic University) that undermines the university’s valuable contributions to the arts and humanities.

·Outsourced student success services to a four-month-old company, Trust Navigator, that has no track record of success and whose founder, Thomas Roulston III, is now under federal investigation for fraud.

·Unilaterally cut the men’s baseball team to build a multi-million dollar “grand entrance” to the building that houses his office. This left these student-athletes stuck in leases and scrambling to find other schools just one month before the fall semester began.

·Lied about his involvement in the million-dollar renovations of the UA President’s mansion.

·Claimed he was not changing the name of the university while at the same time giving presentations showing the university renamed as “Ohio Tech.”

·Filled numerous key positions with administrators who had no academic backgrounds, questionable resumes, and/or were declared unqualified by search committees.

·Sought to replace important general education courses taught by full-time faculty with an inferior set of online courses taught by less qualified faculty and in a format proved to increase attrition.

·Outsourced the university’s RN-to-BSN program to a for-profit private firm on whose board he once sat.

Because of all of these (and other) actions, representatives of every major university stakeholder group have repeatedly and publicly expressed their lack of confidence in the president and their opposition to his many instances of harmful leadership. He has repeatedly refused to reverse these violations of the trust placed in him. If president Scarborough can no longer claim to speak for UA’s students, faculty, staff, alumni, donors, and interested community members, then he no longer speaks for The University of Akron and can no longer truly claim to lead the university.

For these reasons, we, the undersigned, demand Scott Scarborough immediately resign from his position as President of the University of Akron or for the Board of Trustees to remove him. If this demand is not met, once the petition reaches 5,000 signatures, concerned University of Akron students will present the petition to the Board of Trustees and President Scott Scarborough requiring immediate action.

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