Breaking the contract with Chesterman House

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We know that, in normal situations, in order to break the contract with Chesterman House we have to sign a 'withdrawal request' that is only useful insofar as you find somebody to occupy your room, or if there are people in chesterman House's waiting list waiting to live there. However the situation is exceptional, and due to the inadequate behavior of Chesterman House during these times of crisis, we should bee able to break the contract. When the visitor in Chesterman House announced that she had been diagnosed with COVID-19, there was no attempt to disinfect the public areas, which is not only deeply irresponsible, but stressed the rest of the residents too. Not only have we not felt protected in that case. Self-isolation of people either with symptoms or fully diagnosed must quarantine for two weeks. These people have been released before time. Most of us in Chesterman House come from abroad, and whilst our countries are taking urgent methods for this global crisis, not even our accommodation is trying to make us feel safe in our temporary homes. So we are demanding to break our contract, no matter what the previous conditions were. This is an exceptional situation and the actions are completely inadequate. As an accommodation service, you are not only not accommodating us as students, but putting in danger the whole population, threatening our mental health to fulfill our university assignments, and contributing to a national decision, that for us, residents of Chesterman House, is utterly intolerable, therefore acting against our emotional and physical necessities, and not complying whatsoever with what an accommodation service should be able to deliver. One thing more to add, the university of goldsmiths does not give you the diploma if you do not pay for your accommodation fees. Having into consideration the current situation this is completely unacceptable and we, as residents of Chesterman House, will not tolerate this 'condition'.