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Let's make the University of Wollongong a leader in waste reduction/management.

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Did you know that nearly every piece of plastic ever manufactured still exists today? Approximately 300 million tonnes of plastic is produced globally each year, but only 10% of this is recycled. The rest is discarded after a single use and dumped into a landfill or worse, our oceans. Once there, it begins to break up until it becomes a micro-plastic. Which drift through the currents, soaking up and storing toxins and ultimately being ingested by marine life.

To prevent and stop this crisis, we must think globally but act locally.

The UoW Enviro Collective is passionate about reducing the amount of plastic that enters our environment. Our members strive to empower others with knowledge to reduce unnecessary waste and lessen environmental impacts.

The University of Wollongong is an innovative and forward thinking institution whose Sustainability Research Centres focus on terrestrial and marine ecosystems, while also transforming lives and improving the region. We want these values to translate into real change on the main campus, through reductions in waste, better waste-management and the phasing out of single use plastics.

The trailblazing team at the Unibar has not only phased out single-use plastics, but recently installed a new waste management system involving a three-tiered (RYG) separation of waste: Red for landfill, Yellow for recycling and Green for organic and biodegradable materials such as their plates and cutlery. They have shown the campus that it is possible.

The core aim of this petition is to implement a campus wide change in waste management. This would involve: 

  1. Replacement/integration of all existing bins to the RYG system (Priority).
  2. Establishment of a 'Campus Compost' that is student friendly (contributions and volunteering). 
  3. Collaborate with the neighbouring Botanic Gardens and provide them and the University with fertiliser from the compost.
  4. Phase out all single use plastics on campus, and replace with compostable alternatives.

Please sign and share this petition and help us reduce the amount of waste that the University of Wollongong produces to lessen our impact on the environment.


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