Appeal the Second Amendment of the United States

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I'm tired of gun violence in my nation. I'm tired of feeling powerless to influence the fact that I live in a place that is crazy for guns, and where the rhetoric says that I am not a patriot if I don't like guns. I'm tired of the NRA and their influence on our nation. 

I'm tired of one mass murder after another. I've read all the data that shows clearly that gun violence is correlated to gun availability. We own half the world's guns with only 5% of the world's population. Our mass murder rate per capita is higher than every civilized nation on earth and it is not close. We deserve better.

Let's demand that our decision makers stop voting to enable the murder of our children in schools. We couldn't ban bump stops after Las Vegas?!?!? We couldn't require background checks after Sandy Hook?!?!

Let's change the narrative. Let's call the NRA out for what it is - a force for evil and corporate profit at the expense of the collective safety of our children. Let's not be shy about it. Let's not apologize for it. Let's mute the NRA, change the dialogue, and get guns banned. Our children deserve a safer nation. Why should we be behind or less than every single advanced nation on earth?

Let's repeal the second amendment. Let's engage the NRA on the battlefield of public discourse without apology. Let's hold the political leaders who trade our safety for their fealty to the gun lobby accountable. We don't need to live this way.

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