My brother was wrongfully convicted to a 20 yr prison sentence but did not commit a crime.

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My brother was given a 20 YEAR PRISON SENTENCE and NOBODY WAS KILLED. This innocent man should be exonerated immediately. There is absolutely no evidence linking EUGENE WADE to any crime. There are no ballistics, the video surveillance used does not show him firing a weapon and no weapon was ever found. He was never interviewed. His home was never searched. A female made a phone call to police saying he was shooting at her from a bar that she left. She later RECANTED and said that he didn't do it. This was never mentioned in court or trial. No one ever saw this alleged crime take place. Some of the jury was asleep during the trial sentence hearing. We need to see JUSTICE. We need to see CHANGE. My brother should be FREE and sent home to his 3 year old daughter and his family. Will America ever be fair to minorities? Will we ever truly be able to say this is the land of the free? Please spread awareness. Please sign and share this petition. Thank you everyone.