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Save Karen & Katie 2k17

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My sister, Katherine Rita Bourjaily, received a very generous scholarship and the opportunity to go to Boston University for her collegiate studies starting in September of 2017. Unfortunately, this is 992 miles from my home in Hinsdale, Illinois. I am encouraging people everywhere to sign this petition for my sister to not go to college. Here are some reasons why you should support this cause. 

1. Katie is smart. My sister had one of the highest GPAs in her class at Benet Academy. She took numerous AP and advanced classes throughout her four years there. She does not need any more schooling. Katie can easily get a job somewhere, whether it's a Law and Order: SVU enthusiast or manager of Francesca's Collections. Katie's knowledge comes very natural to her, which is something that you don't find so often. She is perfectly capable of starting a successful life here at home with me.

2. Katie is always there. Ten paces slightly left from my bedroom lies my sister in HER bedroom. She is always there either applying her Jeffre Star liquid lipstick or writing a new poem about a new ex boyfriend. No matter what, she will drop what's she's doing to be there for me. You might've guessed by now that Boston University isn't quite ten paces from my bedroom. Therefore, Katie must stay here so she will always be there for me, in the flesh.

3. Katie is my escape. Morning car rides to high school are something that every teenager dreads. But not for me. Katie made my sophomore year the best one yet because of how excited she was to be a senior. It made me actually look forward to hopping in the car at 6:56am. Katie would always request the perfect soundtrack for that day, whether it was a variety of broadway jigs or The Sound by The 1975. All in all, Katie is a stress reliever for me. If she goes to Boston, she won't be there to give me a huggie when I am feeling down.

4. Katie is my best friend. She has been my companion for roughly the past 16 years of my life. I don't know what I would do way her if she really ended up going all the was to Boston. I will miss our secret sleepovers and the boombies. Nothing will live up to the memories I have made with my sister Katie.

You're probably wondering, "Who is Karen..?" Karen is me. Katie instigated this nickname for me and now almost every inhabitant in the United States of America calls me it. That just goes to show how much of an impact Katie has made on my life...and will continue to make if YOU SIGN THIS PETITION FOR KATIE BOURJAILY TO NOT GO TO COLLEGE! I appreciate all the support I can get, and I can reassure you that your contribution will change America forever. Anyway I love you all and I hope you seriously consider keeping America's Favorite Woman™ with me at all times so that I can thrive to be the best person I can be with my sister by my side.

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