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Stop giving murderers recognition in the media.

No one wants to be forgotten.

When tragedies like Virginia Tech, Aurora Bat Man Premiere, and the most recent massacre of a Newton, Connecticut Elementary school take place, the first thing all the media outlets focus in on is the killer(s). A disturbing cycle has been created, one that is very alluring to mentally unstable people who seek attention and fame through horrible and unforgivable actions. I feel the way to end this cycle is black listing the "suspected" killers in the media, take away the one thing they think they "gain" from committing these heinous crimes. Stop giving them nicknames like "The Batman Killer" and "Jack the Ripper", and start paying more attention to the victims, their families, their communities, and the effects of these terrible instances. America is NOT a movie, and shouldn't be treated as such. We do not live in a fictional society where these things aren't actually happening, and we shouldn't treat it that way. This isn't a book, we aren't characters. Let's stop this together, sign this petition to stop allowing the media to turn murderers into stars. The last thing they deserve is fame.

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