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We, the people, demand immediate action to impeach Donald J Trump. He is a danger to our American values. His agenda of hatred, his irresponsible, unscripted bellicose and bullying language has only served to endanger the well being of our country and many of our long standing allies. His denigration of many of our allies, and mutually shared agendas, is an embarrassment to this great Nation, while he freely embraces a cold blooded Russian dictator. This United Sates of America cannot withstand a man who would be King. This is NOT Democracy! Our very freedom is at stake! His children sit in high powers of Government for which they are not qualified. He is turning this country into a monarchy, and he continues to profit off his business which the constitution forbids. He has placed people in high positions in Government that embrace Neo-Nazi and racist views, that are not representative of the values upon which this country was founded. He has made pronouncements regarding sexual orientation in the armed forces, without consulting the military, while our troops are on the firing line! He refuses to condemn Neo-Nazi views which have led to violence and loss of life, which send positive messages of reinforcement to people holding views that are the antithesis of the principles upon which this nation was founded. He publicly begged a hostile Government to interfere in our elections and has distanced himself from our allies, while going out of his way to cultivate a relationship with a country that would love to see the United States of America cease to exist!

Its time to put party politics to bed and worry about our country! Donald J Trump is a danger to the United States of America! WAKE UP! Its time to stop putting party first and put OUR COUNTRY before politics! Politics will always survive, but our country will NOT! The behavior of Donald J Trump is childish and impulsive, at best. He has no self control, no filter, and his behavior is far from the dignified behavior which one would expect from a President of The United States of America. He is constantly threatening other nations with military action, which is never an ideal solution, especially when some of the nations he threatens are not a threat to the United
States of America! This is unacceptable!

We respectfully request/demand that impeachment proceedings begin IMMEDIATELY! The very existence of our nation is at stake.

Thank you for your time and consideration.We urge you to take this petition seriously, and act accordingly.

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