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To pass a law making it against the law to leave your pet chained outside in extreme heat,cold,and weather conditions.

Many animals are adopted or taken in everyday by people claiming to: rescue them from animal shelters,give them a home,and claiming to be caring for them.So many of these poor animals are left tied outdoors in extreme heat and cold with no shelter,food ,water,or escape from the harsh conditions.While their owners are sitting indoors enjoying that nice cool air from the air conditioner or cold drink on those hot days many are left with empty water bowls no shade or relief from the heat.And in the winter they are left with frozen water,no shelter to escape the dropping tempatures and snow fall while their owners are sitting snuggly indoors watching T.V. and not braving the cold to even put their animals in a warm home or basement.This has to stop.It is animal abuse!Sign this petition to stand up for those who cannot speak for theirselves!!!!

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