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Revoke Tax-Exempt Status of the Catholic Church

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The modern catholic church of the United States is a pitiful symbol of the tenets of the catholic faith. Organizationally, it preaches intolerance (of gay/lesbian and womens rights), hate (of other religious bodies) and ignorance (of the brilliant achievements of modern science and physics - in the face of unparalled evidence in most cases). These biases alone are not enough to warrant removing a tax-exempt status. But when it spends its collected monies on impeding stem cell research, lobbying government to abolish gay/lesbian rights, contributing to campaigns of extremist candidates to further their political agendas, organizing riotus scenes outside of constitutionally affirmed abortion clinics and funding political smear campaigns - a line is crossed. That line is the speration of church and state. For far too long the catholic church has been hiding behind its cloak of tax-exempt status, amassing inordinate sums of money from it and subverting american politics as any huge corporation does...only this one does not pay a dime to the operating costs of the government or local amenities and infrastructure that all americans do.
Therefore, i propose we allow the catholic chuch to set a new example for its flock. We revoke their privilige of tax-exempt status and let them foster the communiy in a way that all americans do. Afterall, is the catholic church in america not american? Do they not enjoy the benifits of running water, sewer systems, and electricity in their untaxed houses of worship? Are these houses of worship not on our american soil? Do they not elicit the municipal police forces when crime is afoot?
I implore you to read my points and think about the good of our beautiful nation. The cost to the catholic church will be slight - as they are the single most lucrative organization in the world. The impact to our domestic economy would be profound.

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