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Funding a Clean-Up Mission of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is located in the middle of the pacific in the northern hemisphere. Due to the way ocean currents move in large, circular gyres, debris is pushed towards the center where it eventually builds up. According to National Geographic, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch spans an incredible 7 million square miles of ocean. Most of this debris is plastic, which is often mistaken by sea life to be prey such as plankton or jellyfish. As a result, endangered species are consuming our plastic waste and dying because of it – plastic waste that didn’t have to go into the ocean in the first place. Additionally, the consumption of plastic tends to slowly build up toxins like mercury in the fish we eventually eat, posing a serious threat to the health of consumers. However, one of the most tragic things about the Garbage Patch – other than the fact that there’s also a similar one in the Atlantic Ocean – is that no country will take responsibility for it. Though waste comes from several countries and continents, the fact that it’s so far from any country’s coastline means that a nation has yet to support funding to clean it up.
I'm asking you to please sign this petition and push the government's attention to funding a clean-up mission of the garbage patch in hopes that the oceans will become more healthy, and that consumers are not in danger of secondhand poisoning.

In short: Please consider funding a clean-up mission of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. This Garbage Patch currently spans an incredible 7 million square miles of ocean, and is not only dangerous to marine life, but also consumers. Plastic waste ingested by marine life leads to increasing toxins in their systems that are later consumed by citizens of the United States. I'm asking you to please consider funding a clean-up mission in hopes that we can preserve the ocean's resources, and protect consumers from the dangers of secondhand poisoning.

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