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Petitioning The United States Government (Federal, State, and County).

The United States Government (Federal, State, and County).: To hold a referendum or plebiscite from our Kanaka Maoli people...

This is what we the Kanka Maoli people want as a govt., not being subservient the whims of America. We have the right to self determination, self governance for our Govt. that we choose without the involvement of U.S. or any foreign entity. We the Kanaka Maoli people will set our own paths through an open election of our Kanaka Maoli people and for non maoli's who supports our Kingdom's Govt.

I am starting this petition so our Kanaka Maoli people can be involve in a decision making process of determining what kind of Govt. we should have.....

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  • The United States Government (Federal, State, and County).

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