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Suspend the Florida Voting Purge

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Florida has recently issued a voter purge of about 180,000 Floridians, claiming that they are not citizens of the United States. These Floridians are being sent letters to tell them that if they want to vote, the burden is on them to request a hearing, be granted a hearing, show up, and present full proof of citizenship.

This is clearly an unclear burden for working people, young people who are in school full time, and people with families and other full-time responsibilities.

It has already been shown that many of these purged voters are, in fact, legitimate United States citizens. War hero Bill Internicola is one of those, and he doesn't feel he should have to take time and energy to prove his own citizenship. He's a decorated war veteran!

One more thing: this voter purge, issued by the Republican Governor Rick Scott and his Republican Secretary of State Ken Detzner, disproportionately targets Hispanic Americans, young Americans, working Americans, and, amazingly, voters that are registered Democrat are more likely to be targeted.

The Presidential election in Florida in 2000 was ultimately decided by a margin of less than a thousand votes. Don't let Rick Scott purge thousands of voters from the rolls, voters he knows are overwhelmingly going to vote against him! The Justice Department needs to step in and SUSPEND this voter purge until a full investigation and court hearing can be conducted to determing the veracity of this list.

One more thing. According to CNN:

"A coalition of voting rights groups is asking Gov. Rick Scott to stop a statewide effort to purge thousands of potential non-citzens from the voting rolls, and U.S. Rep. Ted Deutch, D-Boca Raton, also plans to ask the governor to stop the scrub.

Lawyers for the groups said in a letter to Secretary of State Ken Detzner that the voting purge is in violation of the National Voting Rights Act which prohibits systematic purging of the voter rolls 90 days prior to a general election."

Are we going to sit idly by while Florida steals yet another election, in a blatantly illegal fashion? Sign my petition and ask Eric Holder to step in and see that justice is served!

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