The Compulsory Accommodation of Replication Act (The CAR Act)

The Compulsory Accommodation of Replication Act (The CAR Act)

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Started by Jomani Moore

Currently, educational content manufacturers do not create or distribute Universally accessible versions to accommodate the specialized learning needs of students with disabilities.

Educators and any admninstrators that work for an institution of learning are legally unable to provide the essential and sometimes required educational content in the accessible formats that their students with disabilities are legally entitled to without having infringed upon the copyright of the educational content manufacturers.

Educators as well as the schools that they are teaching for have been left to fend for themselves and their students while being stuck within a legal catch twenty two. Ultimately the students with disabilities are the ones that are victimized by being deprived a fair an equitable opportunity to educational content.

Only, the United States Congress both have the ability and the responsibility to close this legal loop hole that complicates and lessens the effectiveness of educators to equally and/or equitably engage able bodied students and students with disabilities in educational content that isn't accessible during the same lesson. 

Please express your support not necessarily for the special eduction teachers but for the students with disabilities that deserve to have equitable access to the essential educational content and learning materials that are paired with their with the free and public education that all students are entitled to receive.

Please visit to read the full bill being proposed for legislation. Thank you for reading and signing the petition to make the CAR Act law.


24 have signed. Let’s get to 25!