Stop The Special Counsel Investigation Into Donald Trump

Stop The Special Counsel Investigation Into Donald Trump

21 July 2017
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Started by Alexander Baron

Allegations that Donald Trump somehow colluded with the Government of Russia have now been the subject of lurid speculation for a full year, and the claim that he won the Presidency only because of it since the race was over.

 The mainstream media and much of social media has been pushing speculation after speculation, innuendo after innuendo, lie after lie, in an effort to prevent the Trump Administration from draining the swamp as the President pledged, if not to force him from office.

The allegations of collusion - whatever meaning is attached to that word - are ludicrous for a number of reasons.

 The first and most important reason is that the security services in the “free” West constantly monitor the electronic communications of everyone but especially politicians and diplomats. If there had been any such collusion, the NSA and probably other agencies would have picked it up months ago, but none did.

 It is now a matter of record that Trump campaign members were spied on illegally and their identities unmasked from telephone records by Susan Rice of  the previous administration. Like many others, Miss Rice has not been shy about flinging mud at the President, but has refused to testify officially for fear of being charged with perjury.

 The Russian hacking claims have now been debunked by cyber-experts. Some information was obtained by a phish from the account of Clinton aide John Podesta; the rest was leaked from the DNC, probably by Seth Rich. If any of this leaked information harmed Mrs Clinton, it was because of its content, which exposed her and the Democratic Party leadership as totally disingenuous.

 A dossier that alleged the President met with prostitutes in Moscow has now been totally discredited.

 Any connections between the President and Russian politicians or businessmen are purely incidental and innocent. The Trump Organization employs over twenty-two thousand staff worldwide, so it would be statistically impossible for there not to be some such contacts, especially considering the nature of its business.

 His beaten rival has more substantive (and questionable) ties to Russia, and was clearly in breach of a number of statutes through her cavalier attitude to national security, while no one can say what crime Donald Trump is alleged to have committed.

The appointment of a special counsel was engineered gratuitously by James Comey, ostensibly because he “thought” the President was going to obstruct justice by asking him to abandon the FBI investigation into his imaginary crimes. He achieved this by the illegal leaking of information.

This special counsel has been given wide, sweeping powers to investigate not only allegations of nebulous Russian collusion but every aspect of the President’s business, and no doubt his personal life. Such unwarranted investigation and “searches” are in clear breach of the Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution, and probably the Sixth Amendment. Such an investigation could drag on for years, and would emasculate the Presidency, which is clearly the point. The real victims of this will be the American people, in particular those who are currently covered by Obamacare, which is on the verge of collapse.

 This expensive, malicious and totally unnecessary investigation should be terminated immediately. 

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This petition had 43 supporters

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