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   On the chilling night of the 31st of August, 2003, 22 year old Katie Sepich took what would later become known as her last ever walk home. She had just gotten back from a party when she was brutally attacked, raped and strangled outside of her house in New Mexico and then abandoned at a dump site and set on fire in attempt to hide the evidence. The murder remained unknown until years later when Katie's killer was linked with a man named Gabriel Avila, someone who had a long history of criminal records and other heinous felonies. At the time of the murder, New Mexico had laws preventing the collection of DNA upon felony arrest (National Institute of Justice, 2018). However if they had allowed it, Avila would have been discovered as Katie’s murderer much earlier, preventing his other repeated and following abominable crimes.

   By signing this petition to establish a law allowing the collection of DNA upon felony arrest, in order to extend the national DNA database, we can prevent situations like Katie's from happening in the future. Signing this petition will lock up the criminals who belong behind bars including repeating offenders as well as exonerate the wrongfully convicted.

Sign to defend the defenseless, for those like Katie who, at 22 years young had her life robbed from her far too soon.

Sign for yourself, because you never know when it could be you.


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