End underage marriage in the United States

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Underage marriage is legal in the United States. Mull that one over in your head for a second. I'm not just talking about 16 year-olds either. In the United States of America, a 12-year old girl can, with parental consent, marry a man of any age. The law differs by state, of course, but many states such as California and Arizona have no legal age limit. That means that if a judge and a child's parents approve, then a child of any age can marry.

This is not a drill. This is not some unused technicality. Many children are married each year in the United States. It happens sometimes under the pretense of religious freedom, but that shouldn't be used as an excuse. This is a real thing that happens. Children unable to consent to a proposition such as marriage are coerced into marriage by their parents, and a judge enables it. 

This should never happen again. I believe that if a bill is proposed to congress, then this practice would be banned. Can you imagine an elected official publicly supporting child marriage? Would they have a career after?

Please help spread awareness of this issue and sign this petition. I have posted links below from reputable news organizations (also Wikipedia).

To be absolutely clear, I am proposing a federal minimum age to be married in the United States, and that that age be 18.




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