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Mr. President and Congress: You MUST End Child Abuse!

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Mr. President and The Congress of The United States,
This petition is to kindly insist that the Leaders of our country address the Hidden Epidemic of Child Abuse. This Epidemic has been growing exponentially in the last decade as it is a matter ignored by the general public, by the media, by local communities, state governments and by the Federal Government as well and this has resulted in Child Abuse decimating the lives of our Children at the rate of more than Ten Children every day. The Children who survive Child Abuse are left with physical, mental, and emotional injuries leaving them warped and damaged and sometimes unable to live as contributing members of society.
The Children that survive with these psychological injuries which can’t be seen not only don’t contribute but take from our social programs at the cost of approximately 207 Billion a year and that cost is very low as it it is from 2008 which is the most recent as there have been no major studies of this Child Abuse problem that I have found since 2012.
We are coming together to ask that there be more Federal studies on every aspect of of Child Abuse. The causes, the effects, whose doing it, what it costs, a comprehensive study tat fun y explains how to confront it and someday end it.
We ask that you encourage states to create Child Abuser Registries which will keep track of these abusers so that they don’t harm or kill again. The court systems along with the respective Child Services Agencies in every state are struggling with the high case loads which are slowing down the Judicial systems in states which too often treat Children with less importance than adult cases. In Example the killer of an innocent Child receives 25 percent of the killer of an adult receives which is a violation of that Child’s Civil Rights.
In many states these agencies who are supposed to be protecting the lives of Children are instead endangering these lives by taking them from safe and loving homes by putting them in dangerous, abusive homes leaving loving parents with no choice but to confront these agencies for the return of their Children and then are retaliated against by the state.
What all of this concludes in is that Children now have a lesser set of Rights in this country with our Pets having more safety, more attention to their needs which is almost laughable if it weren’t such a tragic fact.
We have submitted to the ACLU a plea to defend the Rights of Children and were told there isn’t the funds to fight for them. So we are here appealing to you, the Leaders of our Country. We will be gathering peaceably on April 2 to rally hundreds of citizens from all across the country to demand that you address this unsafe and deadly plight of the Children of America. We feel “What could be more important than our Children, the Future of this Country?”.
We expect you to meet with us and to join us in this Fight Against Child Abuse. We say “Child Abuse No Excuse” and we will do this every year. Please make these changes we ask of you. You have the power to Change the Lives of Children and we expect you to use that Power.

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