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Drop Food not Bombs on Syria

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While volunteering at the hospital in Iraq in 2006 a mother came in with her unconscious infant daughter. The baby had a seizure and stopped breathing after the mother gave her medicine that she had bought on the black market. I did my best to comfort the hysterical mother while the medical staff tried desperately to save her. They were able to stabilize the infant and sent both mother and daughter to Germany where hopefully they saved her life. I remember feeling so proud of my country that we treated life with such care and respect and spent our military resources helping civilians!

There are currently 2 million refugees that have fled the Syria mostly women and children all of them in desperate need of food, shelter, and medical treatment! A recent UN report stated "By the end of the year [2013] it is estimated that half of the population of Syria will be in need of aid. This includes an anticipated 3.45 million Syrian refugees and 6.8 million Syrians inside the country, many of whom will be displaced from their home"

The estimated cost of our planned military intervention is $1,000,000,000

every tomahawk missile fired costs 1.4 million dollars!

Chances are that launching these strikes will only cause more death and destruction for the civilian population in Syria.. Its is estimated that for every soldier killed there are 10 civilians that loose their lives. So why doesn't the US try to truly help?

Nobody knows what impact air strikes will have but if the money was spent on aid instead it would be an immediately help the innocent victims of this conflict. For instance Doctors without Borders budget for 2013 in and around Syria is $20,000,000 and in the past year they:

performed 1,500 surgeries
delivered 368 babies
saw 20,000 patients
distributed 166 tons of material including 4000 typhoid treatments
distributed 55,000 relief items
gave out 6,900 blankets and hygiene kits
This is what can be done with 2% of the money that our government wants to spend on bombs!

Will either military intervention or humanitarian aid end the conflict?

Probably not..

However the idea that dropping bombs will somehow save lives seems far fetched to me! As a nation we can spend much less money and save the lives of millions! We are supposed to be the moral leader of the world so lets show some true kindness and humanity! There is nothing to loose! What downside could there be? Maybe feeding the starving and providing medical treatment to the injured wont take out the Assad regime but I believe it will do something much greater that that!

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