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The United States Congress and House of Representatives: Pass a law requiring all convicted animal abusers to register

Willful neglect and intentional harm inflicted upon an animal is a symptom of severe mental illness and violent tendencies. It is often seen in the behavior of serial killers, serial rapists and child molesters. Psychologists recognize it as a red flag for later violence, yet every day people are convicted of brutal, inhumane actions against animals, and are not required to attend counseling or receive psychological testing or evaluation. Often, these crimes, despite their insidious nature, do not even result in jail time or a ban on owning companion or other animals.

We request that you pass a law to create a National Criminal Animal Abusers Registry. It is time that America recognizes the dangers of these crimes and establish such a program. The registry must require individuals convicted of animal abuse, neglect, bestiality, theft or other similar crimes to register with law enforcement agencies and inform their neighbors of their conviction. It must make owning/possessing any animal after a conviction a felony offense with mandatory jail time. Individuals convicted must be required to attend psychological evaluation and treatment under this law.

Similar programs exist for other violent, sexual, and predatory offenders, and it is time that animal abusers join that list. Catching these mentally ill individuals early will keep animals, children and loved ones safe.

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