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A Call to action from the US Government to address school shootings

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As parents of school age children Pre K to age 18, It has become overwhelmingly scary to send our children to school each day.  The amount of school shootings that have occurred with out ANY MEANINGFUL change to legitimate protection of our countries greatest asset, our children is disgusting. Our law makers, both Republican and Democratic (and whatever else they call themselves) have bickered, argued and put politics over the safety of our beautiful children. Join me in saying #NOMORE. My hope is to send this viral and create a day where, as a unified nation of americans (not just liberals and conservatives, but AMERICANS) we agree to unite and keep our children home from school and hit them the only way they actually notice, financially. 

In 2001 Airplanes were hijacked and the airport experience was never the same for us again in this country. Planes no longer get hijacked and airports have become, for the most part, a safe place. Im asking the government to take the same sort of steps and philosophy in protecting our schools. This IS NOT ABOUT GUN CONTROL, this is about PROTECTION.

If no serious legislation has ben passed, or enacted by March 1, 2018, I choose this day that we start keeping our children home from school. I am only one man, one very enraged American Citizen, but only one man. I recognize that the chances of success for this are next to zero. However I am sick and tired of just standing by and typing words on social media platforms, this is an opportunity to actually attempt to do something meaningful. All I ask is your consideration, and hopefully a signature.  Thank you kindly,


Don A Ranalli,

Loving Father and concerned American Citizen

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