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Know State of Texas manipulation and unconstitutional treatment of citizens

A flier was placed on my windshield which disturbed me because the information that was provided violated the United States Constitution 6th Amendment. The flier focuses on the corruption in Bastrop Texas, the information that the flier provided is truthful and can be validated. I am asking you to please read the information provided and to utilize your personal/professional ability to expose the corruption of Bastrop Texas to the people. Judge Duggan who presided over this trial is being brought in front of the Texas Judicial Board of Conduct for a possible violation of the officer's constitutional rights, the right to a public trial. This review will be happening within the next week.
The sixth amendment guarantees public trials in criminal cases. This is an important right, because the presence in courtrooms of a defendant’s family and friends, ordinary citizens, and the press can help ensure that the government observes important rights associated with trials.
Thank you for taking the time to review this information. Unfortunately this is not the first nor will it be the last time in Bastrop Texas that a person’s constitutional right has been violated. If no one steps up to investigate the issue and expose it to the public it will continue to happen.
One Year Anniversary of The Trinity of Sex, Lies and Crooked Justice in Bastrop Texas
A year ago on August 12, 2011 a proud Hispanic-American, father to nine children, Army Gulf War veteran, Navy reservist and former Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) officer was sentenced to 31 years in prison in a miscarriage of justice after being set-up by members of Rick Perry’s inner circle of friends and colleagues. Why would they do that? They did it in order to cover up an investigation into misuses of power, centered on the death of a young minor.
Approximately 2 am on Mar. 31, 2009 in Bastrop Texas a young girl, Audrey King, tragically lost her life in vehicle related accident. She had been drinking. The driver had been drinking. Her friends in the same car and those in another car behind them had also been drinking. They were all underage.
The officer with the TABC division located in Bastrop Texas was the primary investigator into that girl’s death. Over the course of the investigation, interviews revealed that the children had gotten their alcohol from the home of Thomas Phillips, a former Supreme Court Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court, who resides in Bastrop and is now a litigation partner at Baker Botts in Austin. He also happens to be a member of Rick Perry’s inner circle of friends.
In the course of a follow-up investigation the officer was working with Lisa Jackson as the primary contact through Bastrop Victim Services. Lisa’s daughter Trinity Jackson should have known what happened and that night because she was friends with Daniel Phillips, son of Thomas Phillips. When asked if she could provide any information about that night she stated no. Throughout the investigation, Trinity was privy to information that the public was not, due to her mother (represented Bastrop victim services) working hand and hand with the officer through her mother Lisa Jackson at victim services.
Approximately two weeks before the officer approached the Assistant District Attorney of Bastrop for a possible arrest warrant for the former Supreme Court Chief Justice of the Texas, Thomas Phillips, he notified Bastrop Victim Services that Audrey King was not the driver of the vehicle so she could go ahead and offer services to her family. Several days after that Trinity volunteered to help with a sting that had been set up for Friday, 29 May 2009. In preparing for this sting, the officer was not informed that Trinity Jackson had already been sexually involved with at least one teacher at Bastrop High School when she was 15 years of age. This teacher was never formally arrested but he had been asked to resign from his position. He still remains in the Bastrop community. She had also been arrested at least two times before the age of 16 for two different offences, once for drug offences and once for larceny. Trinity herself had also stated that she had been sexually active since 11 years of age. She was given the officer's cell phone number by Lisa Jackson and began texting him and sending suggestive messages.
On August 10, 2011 Trinity Jackson confessed on the court stand that on the night of the sting, which Trinity had requested to participate in, she asked the officer for a ride home. Trinity provided directions to her house and at some point during the trip she proceeded to fully undress herself in the front seat of the car, the vehicle stopped. She consensually climbed over the center console (which, if anyone is familiar with police cruisers, is very wide and cumbersome to cross inside of the vehicle), and sat on the officer's lap. They had sex. Conveniently she waited approximately a week, 2 days after the officer attempted to get an arrest warrant for Thomas Phillips, to officially report that she had been “sexually assaulted”. This is usually called entrapment, but apparently not in Texas. It is called sexual assault of a minor. Trinity during her statement on the stand she had informed the court system that she had a consensual relationship with the officer, which she had planned from the beginning
The officer admitted to having a one-time extra marital sexual affair with Trinity Jackson on 07 June 2009 and was taken into custody, but released on bond on 12 June 2009. His picture was posted on the news as a sex offender (before the trial) in June of 2009 and May 2010. Governor Rick Perry as well as Greg Abbot himself took the time to personally mention the officer on TV, stand next to his mug-shot and assure all of Texas that the likes of him would be punished with the full force of the law.
State Officials paraded his arrest in front of the public to destroy the officer's reputation and credibility. At the time of the original arrest TABC confiscated everything that had to do with Audrey King’s death. And yet, for all the sudden interest, months would pass before any action was taken. Meanwhile, the “victim”, Trinity had changed her story and retracted much of her assault claims. When the trial approached and his TABC record were subpoenaed the lawyers were provided with the only complaint that was made on him, this issue, and nothing else.
Before the time of trial several plea bargain deals were offered. Finally the officer was offered by the Attorney General’s office 4 Years in prison. After much thought, and considering the hardship his family had been put through already, he decided to accept the plea deal to put an end to their pain. After his lawyer had announced that he accepted the deal, the Texas State Attorney General (AG) withdrew the deal. When in the course of American Justice has the prosecution ever especially the State Attorney General, EVER, reneged on a plea deal? This is usually called entrapment, but apparently not in Texas. It is called justice.
It was clear that the people at the top had already decided that there was to be no plea and no mercy for the officer. Governor Rick Perry had spoken his “justice” after the officer's second arrest, and therefore, his will must be done. The trial would go ahead. The AG dutifully ensured that the officer’s picture was paraded in the press yet again, just in time for the trial.
At the trial, in Bastrop Texas, the officer’s Hispanic family (his mother, father and all nine of his children) were asked by the bailiff to leave the court room before the jury entered. Not just the young children, but the whole family was asked to leave. Judge Duggan, presided over the family’s departure.
Once the bailiff escorted the "only Hispanic" family out, the only people left in the courtroom were the alleged victim’s family and friends, any law enforcement or county official who had nothing better to do that day, and any interested member of the public. For a state that claims nearly 40% of its population as Hispanic, it is surprising that the court could not find a single Hispanic juror for a trial involving a Hispanic male.
Throughout the trial JJ Jackson, Lisa Jackson and Trinity and friends were permitted to congregate and celebrate in the courtroom hall ways. The jury was permitted to personally observe and interact with Trinity Jackson’s family as well as Trinity herself while they were socializing and celebrating with the officers of the court, the sheriff’s officers, and county officials. This has all been taped by the surveillance cameras within the court system, but conveniently the court system cannot find them. When one person views another person socially interacting with each other (laughing, talking, over all visiting) that person would probably assume that they were at least friendly to each other if not friends. So, any outsider would be forgiven for thinking that the officers of the court, the sheriff’s officers and county officials supported Trinity Jackson’s side.
When the jury is able to view as well as mingle within the group, they are able to put everyone together as friends. That is the reason why the first 3 words of Texas State Supreme Courts Rules of Juror Conduct are “Do not mingle.” Apparently, there are other rules besides the aiding and abetting of minors that Justices in Texas just don’t have to enforce.
The jury took approximately an hour, if not less, to come back to the courtroom with the maximum sentence across the board. They could not possibly have read the papers that Judge Duggan had given them, discussed and unanimously agreed on a course of action, AND filled out the paperwork in that time-period unless a decision was already made beforehand.
Why did this happen? To protect the reputations of the powerful? To protect the statements of the powerful? Circumstantial evidence? Perhaps. However, even circumstantial evidence, when collected and viewed as a chain of events can show a clear pattern. In this case, a pattern of abuse of power, miscarried justice, and someone to take the fall for it all. Now the officer who has gone to war to protect the innocent sits in jail for 31 years, while the same Governor, who has road on the Christian vote, presided over this sad excuse for justice. Meanwhile, the family of the girl who died in the accident still has no answers.
Laws are words on paper, but judges and juries are in our legal system to interpret the law and see that justice is done. The officer broke the law by engaging in an extra martial affair with a 16 ½ year old, he stepped up and admitted his fault. But why does it not matter to justice that this minor deliberately set him up for the purpose of discrediting him? Why does it not matter that the Attorney General deliberately offered and withdrew a plea deal in order to get the officer to admit guilt? Why can a former Texas Supreme Court Judge get away with being involved in the death of a minor? Why can a “jury of his peers” mingle with the prosecution and not be considered tainted? Why were the only Hispanics (his family) in the court room asked to leave? And how, in America, can a Governor go on television declare the outcome of a trial before it even happens?
Trinity Jackson now has a Civil Suit against Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission as well as several other private citizens. Stating damages of Medical, psychological and counseling expenses: She was sent to a Gynecologist for and examination. During the examination she stated that she had had several sexual partners shortly before and after the officer accused and she was going to continue to have sex with both men and women. Mental Anguish: Less than a week after the officer had charges brought up against him she had a sexual relationship with a teenage boy (with whom she had been texting and calling at the same time as she was texting the officer). Less than 6 months after the trial she became engaged to a person who is almost 10 years older than her. Physical Impairment: She continued to participate in all school activities and continued to date, have sex and go to underage parties held by her friends. Loss and Impairment of earning capacity: She was employed, until just recently, by the law offices of Broadus A. Spivey who is in the process of representing her in the civil suit. She is now a waitress at the Waterloo Ice House. She is also attending Austin Community College for her nursing degree. Punitive or Exemplary Damages: Trinity Jackson sat on the court stand under oath and stated that she had a consensual affair with a married man that she had planned the affair. Declaratory and Injunctive Relief: For what? Basically she is asking for money because when she was 16 ½ she had consensual sex with Police officer. In the United States of America majority of the states have ruled that 16 years of age is the age of consent. Where is that money going to come from but from the tax payers’ pockets?

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