Get a government agency to oversee CPS

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In the United States Child Protective Services can do anything they want and there is no one you can complain to pertaining to their actions. There  is no one that oversees CPS and makes sure they follow the law. There are hundreds of reports online and blogs about the misconduct and unprofessional behavior of Child Protective Services. This agency is supposed to protect children from abuse and neglect not harm them by removing them from their families because one worker decides what abuse and neglect is. To them it's all about making money and having power. All CPS workers think they are above the law and can behave anyway they please to families and children. CPS strips you of your rights as a citizen and parent. When you call all the government agencies and lawyers you can find and not one of them want to get involved in helping you fight for you and your children's rights something is definitely wrong .Some will tell you it's a losing battle and others just hang up on you. We as citizens, parents, grandparents, etc.need a government agency to oversee CPS so we can report their actions and have them investigated fairly and get the justice we deserve. Please sign this petition to get a government agency to MONITOR AND INVESTIGATE CPSs ACTIONS!!