Restore the pensions of civil and uniformed staff harmed by Trump. People who spoke truth.

Restore the pensions of civil and uniformed staff harmed by Trump. People who spoke truth.

November 7, 2020
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The United State Congress
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Why this petition matters

Started by J Carl Zeigler

Addressed to the United States Congress:

We need to restore the pensions and status of certain people.

The people who worked for the US Government, who stood up for the Constitution, and spoke the the truth, and were fired, forced to separate, or unfairly dishonorably discharged.

People such as Yevgeny and Alexander Vindman, Marie Yovanovitch, and others who were fired simply for telling the truth.

Alexander Vindman was fired because he followed procedure by alerting on the conduct of the President.   Yevgeny was fired because he was his brother.

Marie Yovanovitch was fired because she did her job well as the ambassador to Ukraine when the US was supporting that country in its active war with Russia.

Here is a wikipedia entry showing a list of personnel changes that includes People that President Trump has dismissed unfairly as well.

The Congress should recognize the valuable service these and others who continued to do their duty during the Trump administration in spite of the personal attacks and economic damaged inflicted on them by the President,  Whistle blower protection laws were enacted for just this purpose - to protect the noble and honest who are the spine of our democracy.

To recognize them would be to reaffirm our Country’s commitment to the rule of law, and work to restore the confidence our soldiers, civil workers, and the citizens have had in the Constitution of the United States of America.   They deserve it, and we are honor bound to provide it.

Find your delegation.

and send them this  link:   Repair and restore the faith.

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Signatures: 106Next Goal: 200
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