UN: Call for co-operation among nations to form a peace-troop!

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Right now, children in Yemen are starving and live under the oppression of war. But it's not only places like Yemen; there are wars and conflicts going on all over the globe.

Also going on right now, countries like the USA are involved in these wars and conflicts, and yet their "help" is questionable. Mainly, the USA just acts like a weapons dealer, meaning that they build the weapons in their factories, and then whichever warlord wants them, the USA will sell weapons to them.

This profits the US economy because it can sell weapons for a large sum of money, but it does not help the conflicts or their victims (mainly children), because if you sell weapons to warlords, then you are just pouring gasoline on a fire. You are not helping to put it out - you are just inflaming the problem even more!

Why does the UN let this go on without stepping in to do something more logical?


As of 2018, there are enough sophisticated weapons in countries like the USA and Russia and England and Germany and France and Switzerland and several others, that all of the nations coming together under the banner of the UN could simply walk into war-desecrated regions like Yemen or the Gaza Strip and arrest all of the despots, terrorists, and warlords who are bringing suffering and terror to all of the innocent people, in order to free those regions permanently.

Instead of just selling weapons and pouring gasoline on the flames, the countries could all just work together by equipping themselves with their most sophisticated ad protective technology, and then walk into the region in fully protective and sophisticated gear. And then, in some cases literally just take the weapons out of the soldiers' hands and break them on the spot, ending the conflict right there on the spot in a way that is like something out of a Hollywood blockbuster!

This would be such a valuable and productive way to use all of the high-tech weapons that, right now, are just being dealt into the hands of the warlords. So why does the UN not arrange this, when it has the power to arrange it?

The UN holds meetings (if not every day, then every week and every month), and the entire purpose of the UN is to arrange action-based solutions so that crises like this do not go on for long, so why does the UN not call for co-operation when the possibility of co-operating is there?

Nations like Yemen, which are plagued by despots, warlords, terrorist cells, and other serious criminals, and which have thousands if not millions of victims who suffer because of the wars and warlords who deal in death, need logical involvement from organisations like the UN and not just arms dealers like the USA.

And some of the nations on Earth possess weapons of ultra precision and ultra sophistication, meanwhile some of the terrorist cells are even using rusty and worn out iron machetes. So why does the UN not mobilise a troop to sweep out the despots and terrorists and other warlords?

The weaponry is already there, UN - all you have to do is bang the gavel, get everyone's attention, and create a unanimous agreement to use it for good!

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