UN: Call for co-operation among nations to form a peace-troop!

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As of July 20th, 2018, there are enough advanced weapons in countries like the USA and Russia and England and Germany and France and Switzerland and several others, that all of the nations coming together under the banner of the UN could simply walk into war-desecrated regions like Yemen or the Gaza Strip and arrest all of the despots, terrorists, warlords, and serious criminals, in order to free those regions and any other regions suffering like it.

Why does the UN not do this, when it has the power to arrange it?

The UN holds meetings (if not every day, then every week and every month), and the entire purpose of the UN is to arrange action-based solutions so that crises like this do not go on for long, so why does the UN not call for co-operation when the possibility of co-operating is there?

Nations like Yemen, which are plagued by despots, warlords, terrorist cells, and other serious criminals, will never have their problems alleviated by bombing them into rubble and famine.

There are billions, and perhaps even trillions of dollars, worth of weapons in all nations of the globe, especially in the USA and Russia. So why do they not use even a sliver of their gigantic, advanced weaponry hoard to safely walk into nations like Yemen and disarm the terrorist organisations and banish those criminals away into prison for life, without bringing countless civilian deaths?

They possess weapons of ultra precision and ultra sophistication, and some of the terrorist cells are even using rusty and worn out iron machetes. Many nations of the UN possess the tactical advantage many, many times over, so why does the UN not mobilise a troop to sweep out the despots and terrorists and other warlords?

And even when the terrorist cells now and then hold more advanced weaponry, such as a tank (which is not even likely to be well-maintained), then why does this fact frighten the nations of the UN, since they still possess billions and billions and billions of dollars worth more of advanced weaponry that is, nevertheless, still much further advanced in addition to being in tip-top operating condition, because nations like Russia and the USA are constantly improving and refining their weapon systems and defense systems?

Why does the UN do nothing effective against countries like the USA dropping bombs onto nations like Yemen, even though it can do something and better solutions are available and practical and enact-able?

And with the USA and Russia arming themselves with so many weapons in order to wave them menacingly at each other, why does the UN do nothing to promote these two super powers to work together and bring their massive armies to a task which really will establish true peace?

The weaponry is already there, UN - all you have to do is bang the gavel, get everyone's attention, and create a unanimous agreement to use it for good!

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