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The United Nations,The American Government and Amnesty International: Juvenile Offenders should be charged as Juveniles not as Adults.

We believe that Juvenile Offenders should be charged as Juveniles not as Adults. A child is always a CHILD no matter what he or she does, no matter if they need to be housed somewhere away from society for safety reasons, a CHILD is a CHILD and this page CARES for them all! No exceptions! Trying young children and teenagers as adults, sending them to adult prisons, etc. is wrong. Juveniles are not adults and they are still physically and mentally developing, anyone who cannot see this should not be allowed to judge kids.

All juvenile trials should be judged by Judges who have their own children and not by single people looking to increase their salary and standing Juveniles should NEVER be tried as adults because they are not adults. They are not adults physically, they are not adults mentally, they are not adults psychologically. Kids who do bad things and crimes should be helped to change, should be rehabilitated with the help of professionals and psychiatrists, psychologists, etc. They need a structured, loving environment which will teach them discipline and direct them to the right path. We cannot lock our kids up and throw away the key. Justice is NOT revenge!

We believe that all prisoners who while Juveniles were tried as adults should have their cases re-tried in Juvenile Court. We remember the cases of Robert Richardson who is awaiting trial for murdering his father who abused him, Colt Lundy who while 15 years old was tried as an adult, of Zachary Neagle who while 14 years of age was tried as an adult for shooting his father who sexually abused him, Paul Henry Gingerich who while 12 years of age was tried as an adult, of Torey Adamcik who was tried as an adult and sentenced to life without parole without any real evidence. we also remember Blade Reed who was charged at age 13 as an adult while having the mental capacity of a 8 year old, and Timothy Kane who at age 14 was charged for a murder everybody knows he did not commit and not forgetting James Prindle who has been accused of a terribile crime he did not commit also.

We also take this time to remember the many others and send them our love


             Trying Juveniles as Adults should be ABOLISHED worldwide!"

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  • The United Nations
    Ban Ki-Moon
  • The American Government
    Mr Barrak Obama
  • Amnesty International
    Mary Quinn
  • Oireachtas Senator and human rights activist
    Mr David Norris
  • President of Ireland
    Micheal D. Higgins

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