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Request the United Nations to investigate The United States Congress

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On Oct. 1, 2017, The United States Congress allowed The Children’s Health Insurance Program to expire, with no plan nor intention of continuing the program which served 9 million children. On Saturday, Dec. 2, 2017, Congress passed a “tax reform” bill that will eliminate the Affordable Care Act and pave the way, as discussed openly and publicly by Congressional “Leaders” as well as current and former advisors to President Trump, for the imminent elimination of Medicare and Social Security, which will steal the money U.S. citizens have paid, by government mandate, from their paychecks, into these programs throughout their lives, and knowingly, deliberately, and cruelly deprive current US citizens over age 63 of their only source of income and access to health care, as well as deprive younger individuals of future already paid for services. Without this promised financial support, millions will be homeless, unable to purchase food and other basic necessities, and completely without health care to remain healthy or prevent death,  or purchase needed medications and health services. This is obviously a deliberate and long considered intention of said officials as well as the wealthy donors to whom the report as a means to eliminate two segments of the US population they view as dispensable: children, mostly poor, and the elderly—through deprivation leading to certain death.

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