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Declare Truman Matheny as a Nation

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I Truman Matheny have had trouble sighing up for memberships with certain websites, mostly retailers who work with amazon and the my little pony app. I immediately decided that the only course of action was to declare war! But, turns out, because of dumb rules and regulations, you can't declare war if you are not a nation. please sighn this petition to help the U.N. recognize the need for change by making me a nation. To help this great cause please sighn the petition and share this on all social media you posess.


Truman is a sophomore at the Stephen F. Austin high school in Austin Texas. He enjoys long walks on the beach and the unicorn frappachino at starbucks. He has a strong passion for government and hates being told that he CAN'T JOIN THAT ONE DUMB BOOK WEBSITE JUST SO HE CAN BUY 1 COPY OF THE STAR WARS COLORING BOOK! He also doesn't like being told what to do, and the only way to remedy being told what to do, is by becoming a nation. 

My qualifications include: 2 participation medals in the pinewood derby, middle school education, was told he's not elidgable to participate in 3 dog shows, has a sticker given to him by a south west airlines pilot, is all caught up on vaccinations, has a learners permit for driving, and got an A on a chemistry test.

This nation that I create would be a land of glory. We would never tolerate injustice such as WEBSITES ASKING FOR TOO MUCH INFORMATION TO MAKE AN ACCOUNT! And we would always fight for the rights of all! Please sighn this petition and join the great cause. All signatories will be compensated with citizenship to my nation, so join me. It won't be easy, but that's what makes it worth it.

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