Condemn the Trump administration for the use of Child Separation Centres

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Recent reports of the use of child separation centres akin to concentration camps in the United States, housing so-called illegal immigrants and breaking up families is morally repugnant. We, the undersigned, call on world leaders (of the EU and of the other countries of the G8) to condemn the United States decision to use these centres. 

These centres separate children from their families, where they are held in cages, and where parents are told they may never again see their children. Reports suggest that some centres have released children into the custody of who later turned out to be human traffickers.

International pressure of a king the United States has not seen before, from its closest allies, could help change the minds of America's policymakers. We implore world leaders to speak publicly in opposition to these measures and ask the USA to rethink its policy.








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