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Listen to the voices of people world wide


To the Members of all Governments C/- The UN Assembly

Dear Sir, Madam, Your Honor, Your Excellency, Mr President, Mr Prime Minister

We believe it is unnecessary to commence by asking if you are aware of the World Wide situation in regard to Environment Destruction, cruelty and atrocities inflicted on humans and animals, the crime and corruption which has gone rampant in every country, every society, every government and every financial or other vested interest organization.

This World, this Planet, is run by rivalry, every man for himself, not to exclude the word "woman", not to say however that every man and woman plays a role in the deadly, destructive business we see at such a grand scale around the world today. Whatever our part in this World, we are all caught up, directly or indirectly, in the destruction of Life, and we all know this, all to whom this is addressed included.

Somewhere in the early beginnings of human history, we, humanity, have taken the wrong path, if not having been led onto the wrong path. Either way, we, VOICES FOR CHANGE, the people of this World, regard this as irrelevant in as far as change for a new and better society is concerned. We can all continue to blame one and other till the end of time and continue the insanity of wars, destruction and crimes against Life itself as the Jews and Palestinians, the Christians and the Muslims, the Financial Magnates and the Downtrodden Poor, or we can begin to make drastic changes to the ways in which this entire Human Society thinks and conducts itself.

So, we, the VOICES FOR CHANGE hereby put it to you that we are tired of wars, killing and destruction and we demand an end to talk and a beginning to reform throughout every country, within every government and incorporated offices, within every religious hierarchy, within every community where Life is taken for granted and the conditioned perception that violence and deceit are the reality of Life. This Global Community is due for change. Such transition may not be easy, but it is as possible as a fish swims under water and a bird flies in the air. And where else would we demand the initiative to be taken than from this world's governments and associated government bodies such as the UN, EU, AU, ASEAN etc.

It is generally accepted in every country one way or other, that theft, murder, deliberate cause of injury and property destruction is punishable by constitutional law. Such law generally extends to complicity, directly or indirectly. In terms of Justice, no one, individual or organization, can be above the law. In respect of this Universal Law, we have a situation today where every government and associated body, every corporate CEO, every financial stock holder, lawyer, accountant, consumer, every dictator and every small time criminal is complicit in the destruction of Life and therefor punishable by measures that should warrant equal returns for the crime committed.

VOICES FOR CHANGE, the People of this World do not believe in endless retribution, we do not believe in antagonism and endless violence as the answer. But we believe the time for drastic change to the entire Global social system is now, as millenniums of inflicted suffering of humanity and animals alike is ENOUGH.

Viable answers and feasible options have been offered by thousands of people before and after every war ever waged in history but ignored by the very people with the resources to reform human thinking. The United Nations has claimed to be such liberating body for humanity since 1945. But it has not delivered apart from the vested interest patch ups here and there to be seen to be doing something, while in fact the atrocities around the entire world have gone rampant like never before in history.

So please accept our demand for change so that the new generation of 0 to 20 year olds can look to the future instead of becoming a suicidal, violence obsessed, war mongering society where Life finds no common place. People want co-operation between ALL countries, no more antagonism, wars, violence, and no more mere talk without yielding solutions. The UN has the resources to access all concerned, it needs to demand change from all concerned, for sake of a better world for ALL.

Kindly refer to the PEOPLE FOR GLOBAL JUSTICE WEB SITE which includes an extensive list of campaigns and petitions yet is a mere fraction of thousands generating through cyberspace every minute of every day. These are videos and photographs of atrocities beyond any sane man's comprehension.

Please respond to our concerns via the email contact in our web site

Yours faithfully,
Administration VOICES FOR CHANGE


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