Mugabe to step down as President of The Dem Rep Of Zimbabwe.

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We the people agree that it is time for R.G.Mugabe to step down and give Zimbabweans the opportunity to decide their own future. We are thankful that he has brought us this far but it is time for us to move on and decide our own future by democratically electing a new leader that is up to the task of bringing Zimbabwe back on its feet.

We are grateful for the Military's intervention and for your loyalty and support in the matter but now is the time for us the Citizens of Zimbabwe to speak out and be heard. 

Zimbabwe's democracy and our constitution must now be restored and the deciding force will and should rest in the hands of the people of Zimbabwe so that we may return the stability of our beloved country to normal.

Mr Mugabe will not be harmed and his family will not be affected by this transition, We the Zimbabwean people are a peace-loving nation with respect for our cultural icons.

Signed within my own capacity as a concerned Zimbabwean, void of political or partisan affiliation, signed on the basis of a humanitarian decision I hereby declare and demand that Mr R.G.Mugabe step down with immediate effect. 

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